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Divorce Accounting and Litigation Support

divorce accounting

At Scott Porter, CPA, our San Francisco CPA firm has distinctive experience in divorce accounting. We're often brought in to investigate complex financial situations in order to uncover hidden assets and identify lifestyle changes related to a divorce settlement. In some divorce cases, one spouse might attempt to conceal assets, but we'll dig deep to bring all holdings to light and help ensure a fair distribution of the entire marital estate. We can also act as an expert witness or assist in mediation for those who desire to avoid the emotional distress and inevitable cost of public divorce proceedings.

Find out how an experienced CPA can make all the difference in resolving alimony issues, determining child support calculations, and other aspects of divorce accounting. Call Scott Porter, CPA at 415-769-4353 and ask for a free initial consultation today.

Divorce accounting services:

  • Asset tracing and identification
  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support
  • Assistance in preparation of deposition
  • Child support and alimony issues
  • Critique of the opposition's report
  • Mediation, arbitration, and joint engagement